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Wearing Art while Practicing Yoga

Is there a way to make that first Uttanasana of the day more delightful than it already is? This springtime, wearing Rose+Gaia's Dutch Bouquet leggings does it for me. The rich color, the clever drawing, and the bounty of the bouquet makes my heart sing.

The skill of the 17th-century watercolorist is evident here. The painter's identity has been lost to the ages, but it's clear that s/he possessed fine drawing skills and was adept with the medium. The image is from the Rijksmuseum, the best source I've found for robust image files in the public domain and certainly one of the world's most generous institutions for digitally sharing its riches. These leggings, "Dutch Bouquet," are from our Summer 2019 line.

(Dutch Bouquet leggings are buy-able right here.)

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