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Notes from an Introverted Yogi

meditation Rose and Gaia
Yoga meditation

Are you an extrovert or an introvert? Or simply, do you get your energy from being with others or from being with...yourself? If you're a yogi, does your practice reside on that continuum where you'd expect?

In the past several months I've skipped my usual yoga class while healing an injury. Yikes, how I've missed it. This happy introvert loves making paintings in the studio and running a solo business. Shouldn't I prefer yoga in a quiet, private space? Nope. I miss three things about group practice:

1. The presence of an instructor, whose voice works its way into the psyche with calm instructions, observations, and adjustments;

2. The energy of like-minded people quietly holding space for practice;

3. And mostly, the ultimate gift of a good yoga class: a quiet mind. Thinking about nothing but instructive words. Moving alongside others. Then, rest.

Sometimes we really need to be with others. I can't wait to start again tomorrow.

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