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No More Fooling Around

OK, it’s time to get serious. Winter is coming. Perhaps your exercise routine needs to be revamped – I know mine did. Today I want to share the unlikely joy of dancing in the basement with 50 very small people.

exercise video Rose and Gaia leggings art

My pooch Rosie no longer requires two long walks every day, and online yoga isn’t working right now (a lingering injury isn’t happy with Anjaneyasana or Utthita Parsvakonasana and so many other favorites). Also, last year’s fleece jackets seem to have shrunken unexpectedly. Time for a change.

Here’s what I've learned: online cardio is a blast! It lifts the spirits as well as the more pinchable parts. Three times a week my wonderful friend Elizabeth visits via the small screen above, and brings the joy and energy that moving to music musters without fail. (E. is also an amazing vegan chef, but that’s a story for another time.)

A recommendation: don’t believe that “aerobics” has seen its day. Move your body to music, and enjoy! We all need it, especially this winter.

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