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Rose and Gaia leggings art

So new that they're not in the Etsy shop yet! Hopefully this week - please stay tuned. (Click the image for a closer look at these lovelies.) UPDATE 8/1/22 - check these out in the shop!)

  1. Vincent van Gogh, The Starry Night, 1889, original at the Museum of Modern Art.

  2. William Morris, iconic British designer, 1874 wallpaper pattern "Willow."

  3. Pierre Bonnard, Women with a Dog, 1891, Clark Institute, Williamstown, MA.

  4. Dutch watercolor, 1680, anonymous. Image courtesy of the Rijksmuseum. (Showcased here because these - and more of our ankle-length leggings - are now available in capri length.)

  5. Chintz pattern from India - 18th century, courtesy of the Smithsonian.

  6. Bookplate from design theorist Owen Jones's 1867 Examples of Chinese Ornament. Collection of the Metropolitan Museum.

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