Rose+Gaia: Art that Moves

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News flash 3/21/20 - our shop is on hiatus. But you're welcome to enjoy our website and blog, and welcome to take a look at the shop when it reopens.


Would you like to be tickled pink in yoga class? Sparkle a bit when you tie your shoes? Be simply delighted by your own knees?


Our leggings are designed with artworks from all over the world. They're comfy, unconventional, and beautifully constructed. We think you’ll smile every time you wear a pair.


Two goals keep our nitpicking design team on their toes: making leggings that will flatter your beautiful shape, and preserving the integrity of each original painting, print or manuscript.

Why wear art? Maybe you want to spark curiosity or start conversations. Maybe the colors or images are pretty. Or maybe you just like the idea of looking a little different from the pack. It's hard to argue for less art in the world, isn't it?

12 Ashland Avenue

Manchester, MA  01944