Dear Rose+Gaia....

Your leggings are nothing short of fabulous!!!!! I get lots of compliments and people asking where I got them. The word is out!

     - Barbara, Massachusetts

I love these leggings. This is my second pair, and I plan to buy more. They are so comfortable!

     - Nancy, Maine

These are great leggings! They fit me perfectly and I get a lot of compliments when I wear them. I appreciate the little hidden pocket.

     - Michelle, California

Outstanding. I love the fit 10,000%.

     - Melissa, Massachusetts

These leggings are amazing! I've ordered them twice (second time as a gift because my friend loved them). They are very comfortable and quality is excellent. The colors are vibrant and rich.

     - Maria, Louisiana

Fantastic fabric, color saturation, fit and coverage! Highly recommended!

     - Theresa, Kansas

I love your leggings. They're great for hot yoga! I love the high waist which really stays up. The floral print is beautiful. Lots of compliments.

     - Eileen, California